The Positive Leader



Discover How To Create a Positive and High Achieving Team

Positive Leadership has been shown to create positive and high performing teams. This is supported by research that shows that happy employees are 31% more productive than unhappy employees, they produce 37% more in sales, and they are three times more creative than their unhappy counterparts.

In The Positive Leader, Dr. Howard Gauthier has presented the latest research on positive leadership and has woven these findings into an easy to read parable that shares five leadership strategies that the best coaches, CEOs, and leaders use to create and develop a tight-knit, high achieving, and successful team or organization. Most people have found themselves absorbed in this story and the lessons learned are transformative. Your players and employees will thank you for reading this book.

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What others are saying about The Positive Leader:

“This is a great book – positive, practical and result-oriented. Every leader should read it and practice its principles.”

Brian Tracy, Author, Full Engagement


“Positive Leadership is a critical topic for success and one I highly recommend. Dr Gauthier’s book is motivational with specific actionable information. It was a pleasure having him work with our organization and team.”

Phil McNichol, Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation                                                                  …Former Head Coach U.S. Men’s Olympic Ski Team.


“The Positive Leader is a journey into the real benefits of positive leadership. Howard provides proven strategies for any leader who is committed to building a strong and successful organization. The Positive Leader is a must read for anyone in a leadership position.”

Tim Brady, Executive Director – Idaho Youth Sports Commission.


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Execute for Success



In Execute for Success, Dr. Howard Gauthier, an Associate Professor in Sports Science at Idaho State University, explores
the elements that exist in proper and effective execution of an activity. As a former college basketball coach and a Division I athletic director, he set out to answer the question of why some teams and organizations succeed while others do not. Execution is the process of effectively using skills, strategies and tactics to successfully perform your activities and endeavors. But why is it important to execute? In the sports world, proper execution helps you to perform your best. This leads to fewer turnovers and mistakes, which leads to success. In turn, success leads to increased self-confidence and happiness. In the business world, execution leads to reduced errors, better results, increased profits, happier employees and increased customer service. This reduction of errors and improved results can be applied to every aspect of life.

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Getting Hired In College Sports


Proven Resume and Interviewing Strategies that will separate you from your competition. Getting Hired In College Sports will give you the edge you need to compete in the job search process. Get the job of your dreams in college sports with this step-by-step job search process from former Division I athletics director, Dr. Howard Gauthier, who has over 25 years of experience in college athletics.

Getting Hired In College Sports is a reference book that should be in the personal library of every sports management student, coach, administrator, or sports professional.


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Preparing For Your Upcoming Job Search


In this 48 minute CD, Dr. Howard Gauthier shares five steps on how to prepare yourself for your upcoming job search. You will learn the techniques and strategies you should utilize in order to have a successful job search.

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