The Little Things Matter


By Howard Gauthier

Whether you’re a coach, CEO, small business owner, or are in a position of leadership or management, you need to keep in mind that in order for your team or organization to have success, the little things matter. It matters that your team blocks out on a rebound. It matters that you arrive to work on time. It matters that you effectively communicate with your employees. And it matters that your organization provides quality customer service.

With the world becoming more and more of an electronic society, that heavily uses and relies upon social media, the basic fundamental elements of most sports and business organizations are changing. How you recruit student-athletes is changing. How you hire employees is changing. How you market your products is changing. How you communicate with your employees is changing. How you engage with our customers is changing. In other words, some of the little things of yesterday are changing, but all of the little things still matter!

The problem is that some businesses and business leaders just don’t get it. They aren’t changing with the times and they aren’t executing the little things that matter. Instead of changing and adapting to this new reality, some business leaders are straying from the values that helped them to succeed in the first place. For example, one of our colleagues was recently frustrated with their local community newspaper. In their weather-riddled community, the local newspaper company switched from using a paperboy to using a motor carrier. Instead of having someone who would put their newspaper on the front porch each morning, they now find their newspaper tossed to the end of their driveway.

At first thought this isn’t a big deal because the company can save money by hiring fewer paperboys and delivering more papers faster and with fewer employees. But on further examination, their customers are inconveniently receiving a newspaper during the rainy and snowy days where the paper is wet and the customers have to brave the elements in order to catch up on the news. Instead, more and more people are beginning to receive their news from the Internet.

Why should someone have to sacrifice their convenience if they don’t need to? The little things matter! Customer service matters! Newspapers are dying a slow death, so they better change the little things. Don’t save money by cutting services to your customers. Instead, try to find out how to provide more convenience and value to your people. If you don’t provide more convenience and value you’re going to lose more and more customers.

The bottom-line is that sports and business are tough – there’s competition and you need to pay attention to the basic fundamentals of your industry. In other words, if you want to succeed, don’t overlook the little things . . . because the little things matter!